Christian Dior said, “A good dress is, first of all, a well-fitted dress.”  We could not agree more.  Alterations are critical in making your wedding gown be the stuff of legends.  The alterations process should not be feared.  It can be a wonderful process where your dress really becomes your own and transcends anything else you have ever worn.

Why do celebrities look so good on the red carpet and Insta?  Yes, it has something to do with the fabulous clothing they are wearing, but it has a whole lot to do with the alterations that have been done on that fabulous clothing.  

At Swoon, we keep our alterations in the hands of Swoon vetted local talents who make up our trusted team of the people to whom we refer for alterations.  They are independent professionals who will help you on the final piece of your wedding gown journey.

Connecting you with an independent seamstress also helps with keeping costs manageable.  We do not profit from alterations.  Our entire focus is to help you find the right dress.

We work closely with our team to make sure that you are happy throughout the entire process.  We are always here for our brides and our door remains open to our brides throughout the alterations process.  (We like to think of ourselves as your bridal bestie.  Do you want to discuss your idea of adding a sleeve via text over the course of five days?  Girl, we got you.)

Alas, we do not give out the names of our alterations team to non-Swoonies (brides who have purchased elsewhere).  We suggest asking friends and family who have gotten married recently or using an online resource to find a good option.  

A bit of Swoon savvy as you approach alterations:

The most important thing we tell our brides as they start alterations is to communicate, communicate, communicate with your seamstress.  Tell her everything you are thinking, seeing, feeling.  Get it all out of your head while the work is being done.

Once everything is out, be realistic about what is means to wear a garment in real life (not in a still shot on Pinterest).  Dresses move.  They wrinkle.  Bodies can be uneven.  “Perfection” can be elusive in the real world and wearing this dress in the real world is going to be an amazing experience.  Don’t lose sight of what this dress is all about.  It’s going to be good.  You are going to make ‘em Swoon.