We are always excited to meet new faces, learn your story, and talk dresses.  We’ve gathered questions that we get asked the most to help you prep for your visit to Swoon.  If you don’t see the information you need, or have further questions, please don’t hesitate to be in touch!

+ How long is my appointment?

It depends on the day of the week you come to us. On the weekends, your appointment is booked for one hour and fifteen minutes. During the week, we book you for an hour and a half. Saturdays are the busiest day in the store and so if you want to take things at a slower pace, we do suggest coming in during the week if at all possible.

+ How Many People Can I Bring with me?

Wedding dress shopping is no doubt fun and anyone and everyone will want to be a part of it. Our seasoned advice is to limit the number of people that you bring to the essentials. It’s hard to accomplish anything with a crowd…and it can be hard to hear your own voice in a crowd. We find that a guest count of 1-3 people is ideal. As a small boutique, we have seating for about 4-5 guests per bride.

+ What is the price range of your gowns?

Our wedding gown collection starts at around $1500 and goes up to around $6000. Most of the collection is somewhere between $1800 and $4000. If you have a $1200-ish budget, we always say it is worth a visit if you have some flexibility. We do sell our samples for a killer deal (see our Sample Sale page) and while small, the dresses we do have at around $1500 are still Swoon-worthy: fashionable and fabulous.
It’s best to think through where you want to stay with your price point before your visit. Have the conversations that need to be had with whatever fairy godmother is helping pay for your dress (that fairy godmother may very well be yourself). Things may change as you put dresses on and as your education of what you want grows while you are here, but having a ballpark idea of what’s comfortable and doable is so very productive.

+ What should I wear for my appointment?

A consultant will be helping you in and out of the gowns. We do require that brides wear underwear. In terms of bras, we have bras and cups here and it all depends on the kind of gowns you will be trying. We always welcome brides to bring their own heels to try the gowns on with (but we have those here) as well. If shapewear feels like something you might want to wear then wear it. Doing your hair and make-up is also a good thing!

+ What is the lead time on your gowns?

Industry standard lead time is 16-20 weeks. We like you to have at least 8-12 weeks once your dress has arrived for the alterations process. So all in all, ordering your dress at least 9 months to 1 year out from your wedding is a good guide… We can work our magic on those working on much tighter schedules. This may involve some extra fees and a more immediate decision, but we will do whatever we can do to make it happen! Our sample stock is always a good option for brides with really, really tight schedules (like one month or less) and we do have a few designers who stock dresses.

+ Does Swoon offer alterations?

Please see our philosophy on alterations here.

+ What is a trunk show?

We have multiple trunk shows throughout the year. At a trunk show, we feature a wider collection of one of our designers for a short amount of time (a weekend or maybe a week). A trunk show may feature the newest collection from one of our gown designers or a chance to see a ton of accessories. Simply put, it’s an opportunity to see many more goodies that we may not normally have in the store and we also usually do a discount to add to the fun and specialness of it all.

+ What sizes are your samples?

We sample our gowns anywhere between an 8 and a 12. Bridal does run small. We do our best to find a middle ground with the gowns so brides who are very small and brides who are fuller can try them on. We generally only have one of each dress in the store and so a lot of time is spent considering the very best size to sample each and every dress in.
In exciting news, we now also have a small-ish plus-sized collection (that we are ever expanding) in which the gowns are sampled in sizes 16-22.


Yes, on the bubbly! We only ask that you open bottles outside of the store and be very mindful with it. We do have champagne glasses here. We allow champs only--no mimosas. Alas, we have a no food policy.

+ Can we bring kids to our appointment?

As moms ourselves, we love kids, but given the environment here with so many precious things within arms reach, it is not the ideal place for kiddos. We’ve also found that kids get bored here pretty quickly and so it’s usually a much more fun time for parents and kids to leave the little ones at home.