Get in the Know: Top Ten Sample Sale Tips


If you’re looking for a fabulous dress at a fabulous price, a sample sale is an incredible opportunity to do just that! Our sample sales are perfect for brides on a budget or brides with fast-approaching wedding dates that need to find something, well, yesterday! If glamorous power shopping is your forte, here are ten of our top tips to get you in the know before you come in!

  1. Our samples are generally sizes 8, 10, and 12. The best bridal candidate for a sample is someone who is somewhere between a 6 and a 10, because bridal does run small; however, we do have a few gowns from our curve collection that we are going to be adding to the sale!  

  2. The prices are in effect for the sale dates only.  As a bargain hunter, you must also be a decision maker.  As always, there are no holds.  Part of the glory of scoring a dream dress at a dream price is the ability to take the leap and go for it.  Sample sale-ing is not for the faint of heart.  It requires courage and confidence and the love of a sweet, sweet deal. These kinds of deals don’t come along every day so don’t be afraid to let it be the right thing!

  3. All samples are a final sale.

  4. Sample gowns are the gowns we use in store every day to try on brides and therefore some of them are slightly imperfect! Some of them might be missing buttons, have a snag in the lace, or be a little dirty (all fixable!). We want you to come with honest expectations, ready to say yes to an unforgettable, designer dress at an unforgettable price!

  5. Another sample sale tip:  If you have never tried on a wedding gown, the sample sale is not the best place to start.  Know thyself and understand that the sample is best suited for the bride who is ready to commit. We’d love to make you an appointment for another day!

  6. Again, know thyself. If you are a bride with a very specific dress in mind, the sample sale is probably not for you. We have a lot of lovely things for you to try, but the dress that checks all of your boxes might not be within the sale realm. Sample sales are for brides with open minds and open expectations in regards to what they want, eager to find something fabulous that they aren’t certain what it might be!

  7. Brides must limit their guests to no more than two to three people.  If you want our regular Swoon experience, please come another day.  Sample sale-ing is all business.  No champagne.  No big crowds.  

  8. As mentioned before, this is not a typical Swoon appointment. You get to try on three gowns at a time. If, after your first round, you haven’t landed on your dress or you need a breather, you can pop back in line with your next three gowns!

  9. In other exciting news, we have recently Mari Kondo’d our bridesmaid gowns! We are going to have a range of styles and colors for you to choose from at around $50 a pop!

  10. You can have a sneak peek at some of the gowns we have available for purchase as samples on our Instagram (#swoonbridal) as well as our sample sale page leading up to the big sale.  Our sample inventory is constantly changing and so if you see something you love, you certainly do not have to wait until the sale date to snatch it up.

We’re excited.  We love thrill of making dress dreams come true…at Swoon-inspiring prices.

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