Hayley Paige embraces sweet femininity with a touch of edginess. Her gowns have personality.  They have whimsy.  And they are so much fun to wear.  Hayley Paige is for the bride who wants to be remembered. 

Price Range: $2900-$5500

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Rue de Siene gowns are an inspired mix of romance, art, and soul with the right amount of edge for the free-spirited bride.  These magical pieces are handmade in New Zealand. 

Price Range:  $2800-$5200

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Katie May sparked the backless frenzy in bridal with her Poipu gown that she designed for her younger sister.  An incredible fit, a cool and sexy vibe, and a willingness to customize gowns all make us big fans of this line.  They are also lovingly made in LA.  

Price Range: $1650-$3600

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Watters gowns are simply beautiful things.  Sophisticated, romantic, elegant—these dresses live up to every girl’s dream.  Watters has a brilliant collection of separates, which means you can pair different tops and skirts to make something truly your own. 

Price Range: $1900-$4500

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WattersBrides_66701_Aella_0034_a 2.jpg

Bold. Boho.  Simply brilliant. In 2017, we added the coolest Australian bridal import to the Swoon Collection.  These gowns are for romantics who want to be a little flirtatious and a little glam.  

Price Range: $2100-$3000

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Blush by Hayley Paige maintains Hayley Paige’s signature vibe of whimsy and romance, with a little more casual elegance thrown in. 

Price Range: $1800-$2400

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Willowby is for the bride who wants light yet distinctive.  As the designer describes Willowby, it is “One part Napa Valley chic, one part laid-back elegance, one part Boho, sultry charm. A beautiful mix.” 

Price Range: $1200-$2500

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WToo by Watters gets it right season after season.  The gowns have a traditional way about them, but are completely modern and fresh.  From big skirts to slim lace, there is so much to explore.  Offering such pretty, pretty things at such a pretty, pretty price point makes this line a Swoon fave. 

Price Range: $1300-$2400

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Amy designs her collection for the discriminating bride...she's hip, clever, and charming.  Amy Kuschel dresses are light, comfortable, and effortlessly beautiful.  Adding to how very special this collection is, all of Amy’s gowns are responsibly custom made in the heart of San Francisco.  

Price Range: $1500-$5000

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Go Lovely_3.jpg

Glamorous and rich, Pronovias gowns are for the bride who wants to wow.  This Barcelona-based bridal line is famous for its gorgeous laces, embellishments, and elegant flair for drama.

Price Range: $1500-$4000

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Crafted at Pronovias’ Barcelona workshop, the exquisite gowns in the Atelier line are detailed works of art.   

Price Range: $2600-$10,000

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Calla Blanche is for the bride who wants it all:  rich laces, beading, a dramatic silhouette.  Their gowns are flirtatious, feminine, and bold.

Price Range:  $1700-$4000

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Olvi's Lace is a tiny atelier hailing from Amsterdam whose gowns have charmed us.  The gowns are dramatic, sexy, and remarkably comfortable.  Handmade in Amsterdam from the finest stretch French laces, these gowns create striking shapes on the body and are for the modern romantic. 

Price Range:  $2500-$4000

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Coming Soon!

Boho Glam meets Rustic Chic with Rish. Rish mixes textured laces, features unique details, and uses airy fabrics to create a unique elegance while still keeping comfort priority! Designed and created in Israel, these beauties are effortless perfection and we’re so excited to bring them into Swoonland!

Price Range: $2000-$4000

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Rebecca Schoneveld is the ultimate cool-girl designer.  The coolest Brooklyn-based girl herself, Rebecca’s gowns are light, chic, romantic with a little edge.  Rebecca is incredible about accommodating customizations to her gowns and we love her focus on Women of All Sizes.  

Price Range:  $1800-$4000 

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 Coming Soon!


Named after Tara’s parents, Rose + Williams embodies the ideology of opposites attracting, mixing the philosophies of feminine and masculine, where classic meets romanticism. It is bridal for the cool kids.

Price Range: $2600-$4000

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Nothing looks more striking on a woman than confidence. Alyssa Kristin's Chicago-made collections are thoughtfully designed so that each piece, while varied in style and silhouette, features a distinctive element. Each detail is carefully curated to balance the gown and let the bride shine. It is her day and Alyssa Kristin designs strive to celebrate that fact. 

Price Range: $2000 - $3000

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